Radon Inspections and Mitigation Strategy for Columbus and all Central Ohio Residents

  • Review radon test results by others to help determine size of radon fan and the health risks.
  • Calculate Square footage and cubic square footage of space to be mitigated to help determine size of radon fan.
  • Verify the following elements in a residence for a mitigation strategy:
A. Sump pump
B. Interior Drain Tile
C. Crawl space
D. Electrical Access
E. Interior radon system or exterior radon system
F. The presence of large cracks in the floor or walls or at the penetration in-slab.
G. Open or closed stairways to the basement.
H. Available building plans.
I. Sub-slab material for effective
  • Prepare floor plan sketch showing basic building elements and proposed mitigation systems.

Why choose a radon mitigation system test?

Radon Mitigation companies design a mitigation system that is asthetically pleasing and the least evasive for your home by following all EPA and Ohio Department of Health guidelines.

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