Columbus and Central Ohio Radon Testing Information and Radon Mitigation Service

We are committed to providing consumers education, radon testing options and radon mitigation systems. Our goal is to improve the health of Columbus and all of Central Ohio by offering radon testing to consumers who are interested in reducing the level of radon gas in their homes or businesses. If you believe you could have a problem with radon in your home or business please contact us!

We Offer Radon Testing

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We are dedicated to making your home a healthy and safe environment.

Radon gas is the #1 cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and your home is where you and your family get the most exposure to this deadly gas! Radon gas is odorless and tasteless and is often referred to as the “Silent Killer”.

columbus franklin county licking county radon levels
Ohio Radon Map

Zone 1: Red  Zone 2: Yellow

*Licking County Ohio has the highest concentration of Radon in the nation with an average of 17.3 pCi/l


What Columbus Radon Mitigation Customers Need to Know

Types of Radon Systems

  •     Sub-Slab Depressurization
  •     Sub-Membrane Depressurization
  •     Block Wall Depressurization
A Citizen’s Guide to Radon is a Free Download from the EPA
It is a guide to protecting yourself, your family and employees from radon gas.

Protect Yourself and Family from Radon!

If you would like radon information for your home or business, contact us!